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  dpcars.net   DP1, DP4 and DP1/e
Ultra-lightweight track cars, Palatov Motosport of Portland, OR.
  Buggati   Bugatti
1/4 scale custom Bugatti
Machined on our Zystech 5 Axis CNC router
  Prong Motors, LLC   Prong Motors
Full Scale street legal 3 wheeler
  EV Bike  

Electric Motorcycle Bodywork

  Splitter   Automotive Accesaries and OEM Parts  
  Wind Turbine   Wind Turbines Wind Turbines for Virginia Tech  
  Steering Wheel      
  OEM Manufacturing      
  Canoe CNC   CNC Canoe Canoes  
  Hobie Power Skiff      
  SUP Boards      
  EV Bike    
  OEM Carbon Parts    
  AMA 3 Man    
  Future Projects  
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