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Electric Car
  Contactscale.com was registered in 2002
Originally started as an online resources to connect car designers with builders to get them on the road with links to automotive related manufacturers and manufacturing techniques using solid 3D files, cnc, foam, resin, fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Today CS
is well known for it full scale or life size cnc machining of cars, wind turbines and foam plugs/ bucks.

Our Mission

To develop the next generation vehicles that averages 100+ mpg with jaw-dropping performance, through innovation in manufacturing using light weight composite structures.
Contactscale's has been doing fiberglass and resin work since the early eighties first on surfboards then with windsurfers. By the late eighties everything was vacuum bag style composite construction. In 1995 we started using CAD CAM along with CNC technology to computer shape windsurfing boards and fins for pros on the PWA and PBA World Cup tour in Maui Hawaii. Today we no longer manufacture in Hawaii and moved in to Northern Californian where we have our developement office and workshop. We now have ten different styles of cnc machines that can cut just about any shape you could need.

What happened in 2007? 
Moved to Silicon Valley to invest my time and company in the automotive industry, safe to say, at the the worst possible time and the history of the automobile.

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